IRECOOP Veneto, recognized by the Italian law DGR nr.2004 dated May 7 1996, is an adult (technical) training organization promoted by Confcooperative – Unione regionale del Veneto and by Federazione Veneta delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo.

IRECOOP Venetois accredited by the Veneto Region for  Lifelong Education and Higher Training in compliance with L.R. nr.19 dated August 9 2002.

IRECOOP Veneto is accredited by the Veneto Region for Employment/Job Placement services in compliance with (Regional Law) L.R. 13 dated March 13 2009.

IRECOOP Veneto has UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate. With introduction the ISO 9001-2000 standard for quality management system, the organisation aims to improve internal organisation and to valorise and increase the company’s assets of competencies which are seen as decisive factor in fulfilling the efficiency and effectiveness standards in its activities.

Since 1980 IRECOOP Veneto has fulfilled training needs and fostered local economic development in partnership with local cooperatives, enterprises and public authorities.

IRECOOP promotes and manages training courses of qualification, upgrade, improvement and retraining, funded with public and private funds. These trainings are aimed to different target groups: young people looking for employment, workers employed in cooperatives, weaker groups in labor market and emerging professionals.

elaboration devising, consultancy and management of EU-financed projects

irecoop veneto provides consultancy to public and private companies, enterprises and institutions wishing to participate in EU financed initiatives.

It is a full service including:

  • Information and research on the EU Funding Opportunities: including open calls, events, partners, technology offers and tenders,
  • Technical assistance in planning the activities of Public Authorities in the framework of the Structural Funds and other Community Initiatives of special interest for Public Administrations;
  • Partner search and selection: promotion of contacts among EU and extra-EU partners: information collection and analysis of the country;
  • Drawing-up executive projects: Project Management and assistance in reporting during project execution;
  • Technical assistance in the project management also in order to ensure the timeliness in budget management;
  • Project proposal follow-up and monitoring;
  • Participation in EU and International calls for tender;
  • Qualified and experienced management of contacts and relations with executives and representatives of EU and international Institutions;
  • Technical assistance in the internationalization of enterprises in order to make companies more internationally-oriented;
  • Study visits to European institutions: assistance and support in planning visits and detailed participant-needs-based training programs;
  • Training activities in project planning techniques and training courses on specific European program 


IRECOOP Veneto head office is in Via Savelli, 128 – 35129 – Padua. Tel. +39/049/8076143 fax 049/8076136 Reference person: Franca Barison