IRECOOP VENETO, legally recognized Association, is a training organization active on the whole regional territory since 1978. Together with the cooperative system it works on satisfying training and developmental needs of the local economy.

In order to respond to this needs, IRECOOP VENETO promotes and manages initiatives of vocational basic and follow-up training, professional qualification and staff re-qualification specifically addressed to job seekers, employees, disadvantaged people, emerging professional profiles. By developing projects that include not only training, but also researches, studies and development of innovative tools, IRECOOP VENETO became known as representative training organization for cooperative movement.

IRECOOP VENETO is accredited by the Veneto Region for the Life-long learning and Superior Education activities, for the Employment services and it has UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Thematic operational areas:

  • Employment and occupability area
  • Social area
  • Agriculture and food area
  • Banking area
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • International area

Main activities 

  • Elaboration of  innovation, development and training projects
  • Development and organization of  custom-made training programs.
  • Business consultancy and technical assistance for cooperatives and other private and public bodies on specific issues
  • Promotion the cooperative entrepreneurship culture

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For contacting Irecoop Veneto:

phone: +39 0498076143

fax: +39 0498076136