Irecoop Veneto, a legally recognized association, is a training organization active on the whole regional territory since 1978. Together with the cooperative system it works on satisfying training and developmental needs of the local economy.

IRECOOP VENETO is accredited by Veneto Region for the Life-long learning and Superior Education, for the Employment Services and it has UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

The organization has been established and supported by:

  • Confcooperative Veneto – the Regional Union of the Cooperative Confederation, founded on 20 July 1970 and representing in the region interests of more than 1160 member cooperatives and promoting the cooperatives as a model of self-employment
  • Federazione Veneta delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo – the Regional Federation of Credit cooperative banks that carries out the representative role  facilitating the development of 22 member banks through the cohesion and internal coordination.

The Irecoop Veneto is organized in following thematic operational areas, each focusing on particular sector of client needs:

  1. Employment and occupability area
    Through this area dedicated to the labor issues, Irecoop Veneto designs active policy interventions aimed at young persons and unemployed adults; guides the companies in the activation and management of the training project; offers training opportunities to all those who wish to develop their professional skills and promotes social inclusion projects.
  2. Social area
    Irecoop is working together with the Regional Federation of cooperatives in the social sector for the implementation of measures aimed at increasing the social value produced by the social services and strengthening the cohesion of the territories. It promotes the growth of social worker skills through exchange of best practices in local and European level, as well as through interventions and specialized training programs activating national and regional funds.
  3. Agriculture and food area
    This area is dedicated to the provision of consultancy services and trainings for the companies belonging to the food chain. Some of these services can find financing inside the specific programs dedicated to the Primary Sectors.
  4. Banking area
    The Banking area focuses on projects, training initiatives and local development actions addressed to members and clients of the Credit Cooperative Banks and the reference area. The projects are designed and implemented with the Veneto Federation of BCC and the individual cooperative credit banks.
  5. Health and safety in the workplace
    Through the area dedicated to the Safety and Environment, Irecoop Veneto provides training and consultancy services on related issues, in order to meet the needs of businesses and at the same time the growth of a culture of health and safety in the workplace in general.
  6. International area
    The International project area develops and coordinates European projects and partnerships under the framework of different programs, like (ERASMUS+, ESF, Interreg, etc), providing also consultancy to public and private companies and institutions wishing to participate in the EU financed initiatives.


  1. Project design and management. Irecoop develops innovation and sectoral improvement projects on request of the clients and for the support of the cooperative system as such. Together with local, regional and European partners Irecoop is implementing numerous projects under:
  • European Social Fund;
  • Coop- the National Interprofessional Joint Fund for Continuing Education in cooperative enterprises;
  • PSR or the Rural Development Plan
  • ERDF (European Regional Development Fund);
  • Other regional, national public of private funds;
  • European programs (Erasmus+, AMIF, European Territorial Cooperation programs, etc).
  1. Consulting services. Irecoop is providing consulting services for cooperative enterprises and not only on following issues:
  • Implementation of management systems like ISO 9001:2015 (quality); ISO 14001:2015 (environment); OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 45001 (security); SA8000: 2014 (social responsibility); UNI 11010:2016 (social inclusion of persons with disabilities); UNI 37001 (anticorruption).
  • Legal compliance regarding the Security in workplace, Environment, Privacy and Data protection, Anti-money laundering and others;
  • Help desk on public and private funding (assistance in finding the most appropriate fund for each initiative and need and preparation of the project documentation);
  • Individual and team coaching (individual and group interventions aimed on training of persons in order to make them conscious about their roles for becoming more autonomous in performing their tasks and responsibilities reaching objectives of the organization);
  • Management consulting (Strategic planning; Definition of the business vision, mission and values; Fundraising, Social balance, Administration, finances and control; Corporate welfare, Human resource management; teambuilding and other);
  • Web marketing and business communication (Brand restyling; E-commerce; Communication campaigns etc);
  • Internationalization (Potentiation and development of internationalization strategies towards new emerging markets and new business areas; participation in the international expositions and shows; International taxation) In the last years Irecoop has developed initiatives under the slogan GO EAST and GO WEST- support to the enterprises in reaching the USA and the China markets.
  1. Training programs and courses. Besides the training activities implemented in the framework of financed projects, Irecoop designs and delivers trainings on the request of the clients in following fields:
  • Security and prevention in workplaces;
  • Environment and waste management;
  • Privacy and data protection;
  • Continues professional education in medicine;
  • Digital skills (digitalization, Social Media Marketing etc);
  • Soft and transversal skills of the employees;
  • Trainings for certification in agricultural sector, as phytosanitary etc.
  1. Collaboration with schools.
  • As a support organization of the cooperation system, Irecoop Veneto it also promoting the cooperative enterprise culture, spirit through the Cooperative Education initiatives in schools of all levels in order to create the entrepreneurial spirit of children and young people;
  • With support of the international partners, Irecoop helps schools to implement projects of the School- Work Alternation, by preparing and managing work experiences of students in UK, Ireland and other European countries. From the 2018 Irecoop is promoting such projects also with work experiences in China.


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